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How to Use Social Media to Market Your Trucking Company Online

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Your trucking company’s website exists to generate interest from potential customers, who you hope turn into leads and eventually customers. It’s best to have several sources of traffic, from SEO and pay-per-click ads to social media. In the digital age with so many consumers on the platforms daily, it makes social media marketing for trucking companies an essential component of an effective overall strategy.

Using social media to market trucking companies is about connecting with your target market to enhance awareness for your brand. Driving awareness to your trucking company attracts more visitors to your website where you have the opportunity to convert those prospects into regular customers.

When you think of social media platforms, you think of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The big three social media platforms are not the only options available to help trucking companies engage with potential customers.

Before you send your first tweet or post your first message on Facebook, you should learn about the pillars of social media marketing that drive more visitors to your trucking company website. Let’s look at the core components of a successful social media marketing strategy.

Develop a Strategy

You have to determine how social media can improve your trucking online marketing strategy. Having goals and creating a plan to help you reach them through the use of social media is a good starting point. Some trucking businesses leverage social media to enhance brand awareness, while other trucking companies use it to convert customers on their website.

Part of developing a social media marketing strategy for trucking companies is to determine which platforms to be active on. What works on LinkedIn might not work as well on Instagram or Facebook, for example.

Put a Plan in Place

Growing your presence on social media is not something to let overwhelm you – it can be as simple as uploading a blog post to LinkedIn or posting a visually appealing image on Instagram. Creative and interesting content is the key to drive awareness and interest to your company on social media.

Creating a content calendar keeps you on schedule, and it helps to ensure that you always have new content to post on social media. You need your followers and those that come in contact with your business to have new posts to interact with. Old and outdated information presents a bad image – consumers expect companies to be active on social media.

Customer Engagement

Social media marketing for trucking companies is all about engaging with your prospects. You can leverage non-traditional platforms like TikTok and YouTube to create video content that is educational but also fun, helping you to stand out from the competition.

Whereas the average consumer might not be specifically looking for information about a trucking company on social media, if they encounter a funny and entertaining video it’s going to help them remember your brand.

Marketing a trucking business has to involve a branding and multi-touch approach. Very few consumers are going to see your business one time and immediately convert to a customer. Social media is just one extension of a 360-degree marketing strategy.

Understand How Your Campaign Is Performing

It’s important to understand how your social media effort is working from an analytical perspective. Is your social media traffic converting into leads? Are they clicking the mobile call button?

All of the data can be made available by setting up conversion goals in Google Analytics. When you can filter your traffic by referral source and analyze all of your social media referral traffic you can see if your campaign is delivering the kind of lead volume and ROI you set as your milestones.

Remember, it’s not just about leads and customer acquisition – branding also provides value. Is your referral traffic from social media staying on your website for long periods of time? Is it interacting with multiple pages per visit? If so, then there is value there.

How to Get the Most Out of Social Media Marketing for Trucking Companies

Once considered an option for most businesses, social media marketing has morphed into a vital part of any company’s marketing and advertising strategy. The key is to know how to use social medial to market your trucking company online correctly.

Choose the Right Social Media Platforms

A large number of social media platforms to select from can be overwhelming. However, knowing the advantages of each option can help you select the ones that your trucking company can best leverage.

What works for your trucking company on Facebook isn’t going to have the same positive impact on TikTok, for example. Each platform specializes in different content formats and a different delivery approach.

When deciding on which social media platforms to leverage, consider the makeup of your customer base. If you want to highlight how your trucking company handles logistics, then you should consider using YouTube and create informative videos that highlight the important things to consider regarding logistics. If you want to do a wide-reach branding campaign, consider posting funny videos on TikTok and Instagram.

Create a Content Calendar

We already emphasized the importance of planning when it comes to social media marketing for trucking companies. Creating a content calendar will help you keep your campaigns organized and ensure there is always fresh content loaded up and ready to be published.

Creating a content calendar allows you to allocate your time efficiently while also helping to automate some of the workflows. A tool like Hootsuite can auto-post to all of your social media accounts, allowing you to schedule content far in advance.

Encourage Customer Engagement

You cannot expect your followers to engage with your business simply by creating content. You have to invite them or encourage them, to engage with your posts. This helps amplify their reach and in the end, you put your company in front of a larger audience.

Adding a question to your post or inviting tags and shares is a great and easy way to get your followers – and those that see your posts – to engage and help spread your content across social media.

Respond Quickly to Customer Questions

Social media has developed into a customer service extension, and it’s important to reply to questions as quickly as possible just as you would if they came in via a phone call or a website submission.

Many consumers will send a Facebook message or a Twitter DM, expecting the same high level of customer service they would receive using a more traditional contact method. Most social media scheduling tools will also provide you with a dashboard to monitor and reply to all inbound messages. This makes staying current with all inquiries manageable.

Grow a Community

Quality over quantity should be the goal for trucking companies that implement social media marketing strategies. It is not as important to have a large number of followers as it is for your followers to be active on your trucking company’s social media platforms.

Offering an incentive for potential customers to interact with you on social media can help attract more visitors to your website. Making your social media follower feel like they are part of your business helps you to build a community of loyal customers.

Final Thoughts

A successful social media marketing strategy for trucking companies involves providing your followers with value. Consider promoting offers that your followers find useful, such as a discount program that rewards loyal customers for their support.

Using social media to market trucking companies can be an effective way to drive business, considering so many consumers are active across the various platforms daily.

It does require you to make a commitment that keeps your brand name on the minds of potential prospects, and if you do not have the time to dedicate to running a campaign we can help. Our team of experienced tracking company marketers can handle everything from content creating and post scheduling to engagement and data tracking.

Contact us today to learn more about our social media marketing options, as well as other forms of online marketing for trucking companies. We look forward to helping you grow your business through a variety of marketing and advertising strategies.

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